Camping 101

Thank you Coach C. Love, for your continued service to young people and for teaching the Camping class at Shepherd Park Library on July 27.  Coach Love showed everyone how to pack a backpack correctly. She talked about all the items that should go into a backpack and why it is important to have the right size; she had examples of most of the items so that the participants could see what those items look like. 

She demonstrated the way to start a fire, and how to arrange the sticks and twigs gathered for the fire.  She showed participants how to set up a tent, and, of course, they got the opportunity to get inside and play for a bit.  She also discussed the importance of being safe and how wonderful it is to connect with nature.  Afterward, we had hotdogs and roasted marshmallows over a perfectly built fire.  The imagination is powerful, how awesome!  We want to thank Beza, Mekaei, Christian, Margaret, Colyar and Henry for their youthful energy, participating in class, and reminding us how fun it is to be a kid.

Young people, in so many ways, show us how libraries add value to their lives as well as to the communities in which they serve.  I am grateful to be a part of that and thankful that I can be of service in this way.

Enjoy the pictures!

Marilyn Smith

putting up the tent

the tent

building a camp fire

Camping 101