Peter the Rabbit Found at Palisades Library

Palisades Library

Peter the Rabbit Found at Palisades Library

girl hugging peter rabbit Beatrix Potter was born on July 28 in 1866. This Thursday her creations came alive again at the Palisades Library in a celebration of her birthday. Participants enjoyed the tale of Peter Rabbit  and made paper bunnies with clothes that can be taken off just like Peter Rabbit's missing coat.

Afterward, everyone went on a scavenger hunt around the library to find Peter's missing coat. We found the scenes from the book one by one around the library.

First we found Peter eating in the lettuce patch, and then moved on to Peter discovering Mr. Mcgregor. 

Finally at the end, we found Peter's coat. It was down at the reference desk the entire time!


peter rabbit cupcakes After retrieving Peter's coat, we all trooped back upstairs for treats for good little bunnies. We all had milk in teacups, blackberries and Peter the Rabbit cupcakes to celebrate finding the coat. 



girl with bunny ears

At the end, everyone was tired. And perhaps some participants went straight to bed, just like Peter in the story.girl goes to sleep