NBA Star Jeff Green Helps Kids with Summer Reading

Petworth Library

NBA Star Jeff Green Helps Kids with Summer Reading

Former Georgetown basketball star and current Boston Celtic Jeff Green traded his team jersey for a superhero costume at the Petworth Neighborhood Library last Friday.  Green was a special guest at “Create Your Own Superhero,” a library summer reading workshop.

Jeff Green assists Steele Downing with his superhero Friday at the Petworth Neighborhood Library's "Create Your Own Superhero Wo Guided by artist Mary Ann Pollock, 30 kids ages 6 to 12 learned about the origins of superheroes from around the globe and how to create their own. To bring the heroes to life, children created stories with dialogue bubbles.  

Donning a red cape for his role as superhero, Green was hands-on in helping the kids create their heroes.  He helped one kid figure out the story behind a hero's super powers.  Other kids asked him to show his muscles, so they could see how shadows created contrast in skin tones.  In addition to the kids enjoying creating their heroes with Green, the time spent at the library helped them prepare for the new school year.

Studies show that students who don’t read over the summer or participate in literacy-related activities like library visits lose, on average, the equivalent of one month’s worth of classroom instruction. Reading just 15 to 30 minutes a day, or participating in summer enrichment activities, helps prevent reading loss over the summer.

"I want kids to be superstars year-round," said Green.  "The same way that I practice during the off-season, reading during the summer, and coming to the library, keeps kids at the top of their game when school starts."