Poetry Winner: "Thursdays" by Tanya Horwitz

Georgetown Library

Poetry Winner: "Thursdays" by Tanya Horwitz

Congratulations to Tanya Horwitz, the winner of our Teen Poetry Contest.  Our judges loved her poem "Thursdays."

Tanya will receive an iTunes gift card.  Thanks to everyone who participated! 


The flamboyant Harvard graduate
The dark lady with the soft baby face
The old Irish woman
The pretty blonde girl
The emerald-eyed enigma with the caramel-dipped melody in her voice
who always comes late
who wears a ring on the middle finger of her left hand.
And me. The child.

Maybe your father died on Sunday, but you came here anyway.

Maybe you’re trying to get over the fact that the microwave at your office broke this afternoon and that you had to eat your lunch cold.

Maybe you got a DUI last winter, and that’s why, at age 39, you need to ask for rides.

Or maybe you never learned to drive at all.

But who am I to question you random smattering of people, you random colored paints on a palette.

But that is the precise question.
Who am I? To you?

And yet it almost seems natural
The place that looks like it could be an elementary school room
Filled with us