Brian Selznick's New Novel Will Leave You Wonderstruck

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Brian Selznick's New Novel Will Leave You Wonderstruck

front cover of The Invention of Hugo CabretAuthor-illustrator Brian Selznick has fascinated kids and adults alike with his groundbreaking book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret.  

Rather than simply illustrating this lengthy historical novel, the tale of a young orphan boy and a mysterious toy-maker in early 20th-century Paris, Selznick actually told portions of the story entirely through pictures. 

The originality of the book was recognized with a 2008 Caldecott medal, and this November, it will be released as a film called Hugo, directed by Martin Scorsese.

Now, Selznick is back, with an even more creative new book called Wonderstruck. This novel contains two parallel stories--one told entirely in words, one told entirely through pictures.  front cover of Wonderstruck, showing lightning in the sky

Ben, who lives in a small town in Minnesota, has just lost his mother and is living with his resentful aunt and uncle.  Just as he learns a clue to his absent father's identity, he is struck deaf.  Rose lives in a mysterious old house in Hoboken, New Jersey, just across the river from New York City. 

Ben's story takes place in 1977, while Rose's story is set 50 years earlier in 1927. However, their stories begin to converge when both characters run away and their journeys take them to the Museum of Natural History in New York City. 

How are Ben and Rose truly connected?  There are clues hidden in both words and pictures, and readers of all ages will delight in discovering them.