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Book Review

"The Wealth Cure" by Hill Harper

Book cover of The Wealth CureHill Harper had an awakening that presented itself in the form of a life-threatening physical condition, and for Hill, this was a life-changing moment. I have read stories and heard the stories of others who have gone through a health issue and realized that the only thing that matters is your internal happiness and the joy you create for yourself. 

My take-away from Hill’s book, The Wealth Cure, is that your health is your wealth, plain and simple.  If you are not healthy or if you are experiencing a life-threatening disease, then all the money in the world isn’t going to cure what is causing emotional and physical distress within your body and your mind. Money, (M-my, O-own, N-natural, E-energy, Y-yield) circulates from one hand to the next and one business to the next, creating wealth for others and poverty for those of us who do not treat it well or with respect.  Money is used and abused, hoarded and coveted, it is liked and disliked, respected and disrespected.  People give it away, some take it away, and some spend it as fast as they get it and others think it is the root of all evil.

Hill speaks candidly, chapter by chapter, of his relationship with money.  He shares openly the stories of a few of his friends, family and acquaintances who have opened up about their issues with money.

In the prologue, Hill discusses how money is used and its value in one’s life.

Part One: The Diagnosis takes a look at and asks pertinent questions about how getting into debt manifested itself.  More importantly, he questions his own relationship with money after being diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening illness.

Part Two: Treatment Options Hill uses the medical diagnosis he received from his doctors as a metaphor for healing, treating and creating a plan for the mistakes he has made with money and the decisions surrounding costly investments.  

Part Three: Compliance: Sticking with a Treatment Plan Simply put, you need a plan.  When you have a plan, you have some idea of where you are going and how you are going to get there.

Part Four: Maintaining your Health and Wealth Once you have a plan and some goals in place, this chapter will support you in sustaining your vision for abundant health and wealth.

Part Five: Masterminding: Thrive and Survive Once we have all of our ducks in a row, so to speak, it is imperative that we continue on the path to the wealth cure by investing in ourselves, giving back and recruiting others who will hold the space for us and asking for accountability. 

The Conclusion: Life Account Versus Bank Account Hill created a list of wealth factors that he intends to live by as he continues thriving and striving and being the best person he can be.  He is determined to put more stock into his life account instead of his bank account.

I absolutely enjoyed reading The Wealth Cure.  I understood much of the information that Hill discussed in terms of money management, financial literacy, your health being your wealth and our relationship with money.  I am familiar with much of the content in Hill’s book as I have read and heard these concepts from other authors.  Hill did a respectable job of putting his on spin on this significant and highly essential topic.  I would recommend The Wealth Cure to others because Hill was not afraid to tell his own story and express it in a way that allows the reader to receive valuable information while also communicating and sharing an intimate and personal story about health and wealth management and the stories of others. 

--by M.D. Smith