Halloween in Wonderland

Takoma Park Library

Halloween in Wonderland

This week's Harvest and Halloween Fest was a pumpkin smashing
success!  Okay ... we didn't really smash the pumpkins; we paintedKids painting mini pumpkins
them instead.  Check out these cute little gourds. 

We also heard spooky stories from Miss Julie.... er.... the Queen of Hearts.  Meanwhile, Alice mixed up some hot apple cider for the kids to enjoy.

Miss Heather and Miss Julie dressed like Alice in Wonderland and The Queen of Hearts Here's an excerpt from Alice in Wonderland:
(p. 63-64)

"Who is this?" the queen asked the knave.
He bowed and smiled.
"Idiot!" said the queen. "What is your name?" she asked Alice.
"Alice," said Alice. She added quietly to herself: "Why, they're only a pack of cards. I needn't be afraid of them."
And who are these?" the queen asked, pointing to the gardeners.
"How should I know?" said Alice. "It is none of my business."
The queen turned red with fury. "Off with her head!" she screamed. "Off with -"
"Nonsense!" said Alice loudly.

You may think things aren't going well for Alice and the queen, but don't worry -- all is forgiven as soon as the queen finds out that Alice can play croquet. 

Read the whole story or check out these variations available at a DC Public Library near you:

Through the Looking-Glass (sound recording) by Lewis Carroll; read by Harlan Ellison. Listen to this sequel to Lewis Carroll's classic book on CD.

Wonderland by Tommy Kovac. A children's graphic novel based on the story of "Alice in Wonderland."

The Other Alice: Alice Liddell and Alice in Wonderland by Christina Bjork. A children's biography of Alice Liddell, Lewis Carroll's inspiration for the character of Alice.

Lewis Carroll, Author of Alice in Wonderland
by Carol Greene.  A children's biography of the author of the famous "Alice" series.