Download Music for Free at DC Public Library

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Download Music for Free at DC Public Library

The DC Public Library now offers library cardholders access to more than 2 million songs to download on their MP3 players or computers.  Library users can keep the music they download.  The files never expire.

Music from Sony Music's vast music collection and more than 10,000 independent labels are available at the library.  Library users with valid library cards can download up to three music tracks each week — 156 songs a year —at no cost from the library’s website,  Songs can be searched by artist, song title and genre. 

"For many in the District, their neighborhood library is,” said Ginnie Cooper, chief librarian for the DC Public Library.  “Offering music online extends the role libraries can play in connecting the public with artist and styles that they know as well as helping them discover new genres."  

“Sony Music has an incredibly expansive and popular catalog, and we are really excited to partner with them on this, a very important product for libraries,” said Brian Downing, co-founder of Library Ideas.  “A library is a focal point of the community that requires many tools to excite people about library resources.  More than anything, that is the reason for the service.”