Meditation Series

Cleveland Park Library

Meditation Series

A New Year's Resolution Worth Keeping

Zen stones jpgMeditation is an ancient practice that offers tremendous practicality for the modern world. It helps reduce daily stress, increase energy and expand one's awareness of the inner self. In meditation, we quiet the energies of the mind and body and turn our attention inward to experience a time of stillness and relaxation. Meditation offers a perfect counterbalance to all of the outer activities of daily life. Regular practice helps improve focus and concentration, increase efficiency and renew enthusiasm. Start the New Year by learning a simple technique leading to the deepest levels of peace and joy. 

Series Schedule:

Tuesday, January 10, 7 pm, Introduction to Meditation, Part 1 will be facilitated by Gerry Gorman. A student of meditation for over 30 years, Mr. Gorman studied with two of the most respected mystics of our time, Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj and Sant Rajinder Sing Ji Maharaj. He is an example of how meditation can be practiced while living a traditional western lifestyle.

Tuesday, January 17, 7 pm, Introduction to Meditation, Part 2 will be facilitated by David Newcomb. Mr. Newcomb began meditation practice in 1976, and since 1989, has continued under the tutelage of H. H. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. In retirement, he devotes time to presenting workshops and sharing his experience by introducing others to the practice and benefits of meditation.

Thursdays, January 26, February 2, February 9, February 16, 7 pm, Learn to Meditate will be led by the Sri Chinmoy Centre of Washington, D. C.  This four-part workshop will include techniques to improve focus, quiet the mind and draw on a powerful inner strength. Participants will learn about the advantages of individual and group meditation.  These sessions will include gradually increasing periods of silent meditation as well as guidelines for starting and maintaining a home practice.