On the Shelves In the Black Studies Center

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

On the Shelves In the Black Studies Center

Book Author Mikki Taylor gives readers an insightful guide to First Lady Michelle Obama’s signature style. Taylor also offers tips on how to possess and manage your style like a first lady. From stunning photographs to inspiring ideas, Commander in Chic taps into just about everything you need to know to possess great style.    

Book Author Deborah Davis explores and celebrates the legacy of The Oprah Winfrey Show through this beautifully illustrated coffee table book of the same name. From cover to cover, readers can identify with the broad cultural impact of the show, as well as revisit their favorite episodes, stories and guests.    

Book Editor Mark T. Conrad, with an imposing list of contributors, explores the intense philosophy behind the filmmaker Spike Lee's work in The Philosophy of Spike Lee. The authors examine various ideas found in Lee’s wide range of films, such as moral motivation, justice and self-constitution.

BookIn Life Upon These Shores, Author Henry Louis Gates Jr. takes readers on an elaborately illustrated, momentous journey of defining events, debates, and controversies in African-American History -- from 1513-2008.

BookAuthor and chemist Jeannette Brown examines challenges that African-American women faced in entering the field of chemistry in African American Women Chemists.  They broke new ground to obtain their education and become successful as a limited group in their new chosen profession. 

Find these and more in room 316 at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library.