Militants in the Movement

Northeast Library

Militants in the Movement

African-Americans and Others in the Civil Rights Movement, 1950-60

Photo Exhibit (January 3 - 31)
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is the most well-known civil rights activist, but there were many others who fought before him and beside him:  Septima Clark (1898-1987), grandmother of the civil rights movement and one of the most influential women in the civil rights movement; Reverend James Reeb (1927-65), a white Unitarian Universalist minister who died after being attacked by a white mob during the protest march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama; Viola Liuzzo (1925-65), a mother of five, who was the first white woman killed during the civil rights movement; Reverend Fred Shuttleworth (1922-2011), who, along with Dr. King and Reverend Ralph Abernathy, created the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; and Walter F. White (1893-1955), a pale-skinned, blue-eyed, blond black man, who headed the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). White was the author of President Truman's presidential order desegregating the armed forces after World War II.  

Others featured in the exhibit include Fannie Lou Hamer, Dr. Louis Tompkins Wright (surgeon), the Deacons for Defense and Justice and D.C. Councilman Marion Barry.  

Photos are accompanied by brief descriptions.