Book Reviews by Teen Volunteer Chidinma

Takoma Park Library

Book Reviews by Teen Volunteer Chidinma

We have two new teen volunteers at the Takoma Park branch, and both are avid readers!  They will be reviewing their favorite young adult novels on our web page. Chidinma is a sophomore in high school.  Here are a few of her recent picks:

Book cover of If I StayIf I Stay is an dramatic, heartfelt story of a 17-year-old named Mia who just experienced a major car accident that took the life of her entire family and almost took hers. She appears as a ghost figure, watching the bodies of her parents and her little brother being taken by a helicopter to the nearest hospital, but they’re pronounced dead at different times of that day. Mia’s body seems to be the only one alive, and while the doctors are trying to revive her body, Mia has countless flashbacks of her life before the accident. She battles between remaining dead to stay with her family and being alive with the rest of her family who are in the waiting room wishing her to be alive. There only seems to be one person who can help her make an important decision. If I Stayfor me, was a very interesting book to read. Once I started to read it, it was hard to stop. 

Book Cover of Call Me HopeCall Me Hope by Gretchen Olson is one of the best books a person can ever read. This book is about an 11-year-old girl named Hope who is verbally abused by her mother constantly. She tries to heal herself by making a list of every bad word her mother has ever used on her, and also takes comfort in reading The Diary of Anne Frank. By doing this, she is able to step up to her mother and help her begin to change. This was one of the first mature books I’ve ever read when entering middle school, and it really is the best. Any girl dealing with the same thing can relate to it, and it also gives them comfort.

Book cover of Wither
Wither by Lauren DeStefano is an interestingly seducing science fiction novel about a time when a genetic mutation infected everyone, reducing the human population. Men now live up to age 25, and women live up to age 20. To keep the human race growing, women are stolen and forced into polygamous marriages until there is an antidote to stop the disease. Rhine is one of the victims torn from her twin brother to marry a clueless man who is still trying to get over the death of his first wife. She finds love, and struggles for a way to escape and reunite with her brother. This book is so detailed and uses so much imagery that you literally feel like you’re hearing what they’re hearing, tasting what they’re tasting, and feeling like you are right there as Rhine tries to escape. This book is very fascinating. I highly recommend it for anyone to read.