Experiments with Static Electricity

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Experiments with Static Electricity

Girl Holding up ballonThe room was charged with electricity last week as young scientists harnessed the power of static.

About 20 participants met for an array of experiments testing the reactions of different objects to static electricity. To start out with, they charged up their balloons by rubbing them back and forth on their heads.
Father and Daughter testing an aluminum can
Once they heard the crackle of static electricity, participants tried placing the balloons by a number of objects to see what they would do. Aluminum cans, tissue paper, salt, pepper and even other balloons were used in our experiments.

Drawing from an earlier diagram of ions, and negatively and positively charged atoms, they made educated guesses about whether the objects would draw or repel the balloon.

In the end, participants tried out their guesses and had a lot of sticky fun. Two of the participants even found themselves sticking together at the end of the day.Stuck together with Static Electricity