We Love Our Firefighters!

Cleveland Park Library

We Love Our Firefighters!

DCFD Platoon #4 Visits Cleveland Park Library

Photo Lt. Jack Adams and Firefirghters of DCFD Platoon 4The Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library recently welcomed Lt. Jack Adams and firefighters from DCFD Platoon #4. They were joined by over 150 very excited children from Oyster and John Eaton Elementary Schools.

The firemen provided an excellent presentation on fire safety, truly engaging the children! After the presentation inside the library, we all traveled outside for a close-up look at the fire truck, along with some of the special tools firemen use. One of the crew donned the protective uniform, complete with mask and breathing apparatus as Lt. Adams explained the importance of each piece of clothing, along with a friendly admonition not to be afraid of someone who is dressed like this in the event of a fire.  They are coming to help!  

The program was concluded with high-fives for everyone from the fully equipped fireman, with a reminder that "No matter what they look like, the firemen are our friends!" Each child went home with a selection of materials to reinforce what they had learned during the event.  

Thank you, Lt. Adams and Firefighters of DCFD Platoon #4.  You are all heroes!
Photo:  See You Next Time!
Photo:  Children Listen to Lt. Jack Adams Talk About Fire SafetyPhoto:  Lt. Adams Explains Tools on the Fire TruckPhoto:  Ms. Jackie Tries On a Helmet!Photo: Putting on Protective ClothingPhoto: Strapping on the Breathing ApparatusPhoto:  DCFD FirefightersPhoto:  High Fives!Photos:  More high fives!!Photo:  Ms. Debra says, "Thanks Guys!"