Story Time Reads February 7 and 9

West End Library

Story Time Reads February 7 and 9

My 27-month-old daughter loves to write her name. Yes, it is a series of scribbles; however, she is intent on creating her mark on her art projects, signing thank-you cards, shopping lists and even likes to help me sign my name for my credit card purchases. By bringing reading and writing into everyday life at a very early age, your child, much like mine, will begin to appreciate the value of reading and writing.  This skill is one of the early literacy skills known as Print Awareness.

This week we read:

five for a little one

Five for a Little One by Chris Raschka           

piggy pie po

Piggy Pie Po by Audrey & Don Wood


The Trucker by Barbara Samuels

blowin in the wind

Blowin' in the Wind with lyrics by Bob Dylan and illustrations by Jon Muth