"Every Patient Tells A Story"

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"Every Patient Tells A Story"

The Doctor Behind the TV Show "House"

Roped in by the blEvery Patient Tells A Story Cover Arturb on the cover by Hugh Laurie of House, M.D. fame, I knew that I had to check out Dr. Lisa Sanders' book, Every Patient Tells A Story. As many House-a-philes out there may know, Dr. Sanders is the technical adviser to the television series and helps the show's writers come up with episode after episode of new and interesting diseases. Therefore, it stands to reason that any book written by her on the topic of disease would be a worthwhile read and this book certainly does not disappoint.

Interwoven with actual patient stories, Dr. Sanders walks us through the complex mental process of making a diagnosis. Starting with the initial exam and leading up to medical breakthroughs, she stresses the complexities of the human body and invariably notes how difficult the right diagnosis can be to find.  Doctors must use a combination of education and instinct to rule out possibilities, and even then diagnoses may prove elusive. Often times, patients forget that doctors are people too and this book offers an interesting perspective on the long and arduous journey that brings physicians to your personal appointment and the "A-ha!" moment that improves your health.

Every Patient Tells A Story is a must read that will both entertain and educate, teaching us to better tell our own bodies' stories.

Brooke Hadder