Edible Books!

Takoma Park Library

Edible Books!

Read Your Cake and Eat It, Too...

As part of the Read In this year, the Takoma Park Library is hosting an edible books contest. What, you ask, is an edible book?  It is the most delicious of literary creations! Simply think of your favorite book or author to get you started, and then decide how to make an edible version of that story. It could be a cake frosted to look just like the cover of a book, or it could be more abstract. Check out the examples below, or just Google images for "edible books."

Green eggs and ham edible bookCake made to look like the book cover of TwilightAs you can see, you can use any food to construct your "book," although cake is a very popular format for this project. Bring your literary confection to the library on the day of the Read In, Saturday, March 10, at 1 p.m. Please bring a place card with your name, the title of the book that inspired your creation and a list of ingredients. We will display the edible books on a table for patrons to admire. And then, we will feast!

Questions? Please call us at 202-576-7252. 

Happy book cooking!