Teen Tech Review - Epic Duel

Northeast Library

Teen Tech Review - Epic Duel

This year’s Teen Tech Week theme, Geek Out @ Your Library, has inspired a great new project at Northeast Library. To celebrate the theme, the teens and tweens at Northeast are reviewing their favorite online games and websites, and I am passing on their reviews here on the blog. 

Our first review comes from a tween named Knowledge.  Read on to find out about an interesting online game from Battle On Games.

Name of Game: Epic Duel

URL: http://epicduel.artix.com

Game Type: MMORPG

Do you need to download software to play?: No

What I Like: You can play against other players in the world. Also, you can buy weapons, pets, vehicles and other gear. You can befriend other people.

What I Don’t Like: You can only battle a person who is 5 levels ahead of you.

Stay tuned for more reviews!
--by Brandon Digwood