Memoranda Respecting Servants, Washington, DC; 1833-1847, Collection No. 36

Memoranda Respecting Servants, Washington, DC; 1833-1847, Collection No. 36

Peabody Room at the Georgetown Neighborhood Library

No accession record is extant for this item. 

Scope and Content Note
One document preservation binder housing six manuscript sheets, size 6.25” x 7.50”.

Written in diary form and titled Memoranda Respecting Servants Washington, D.C., this log records the service of servants (both slave and free) who worked in an unknown Washington, D.C., household between 1833 and 1847.  Pages have been removed (torn) from their original bound form.  Details include purpose for which individual was retained, fees paid, as well as some personal details regarding servants and their reasons for dismissal.

Based upon a search of the 1834 and 1843 city directories, none of the non-servant names could be ascertained as living in Georgetown. The first entry dated May 2, 1833, reads, “Removed to a frame house on D Street between 6th and 7th belonging to C.W. Boteler,” and the second entry, dated June 22, 1833 reads, “Removed to a two-story brick house on F Street, corner of 6th belonging to E. Fitzgerald, U.S. Navy.”  It could be inferred that the writer was residing at these locations.

Page 7 is watermarked:

Page 8 is watermarked:

(Research has revealed that this paper was manufactured by Robert Donaldson, Phenix Mill, Hanover Township, Morris County, NJ.  Active circa: 1820-1840.)

Index - Servant Names:

Anderson, Clement (son of Milly Anderson, belonging to Miss Semmes) 10
Anderson, Milly (colored woman, belonging to Miss Semmes)10
Austin, Mary (belonging to Mrs. Harrison)8
Bell, Laura (mulatto) 1
Boteler, C.W. (owner frame house on D St between 6 & 7)       (from 1834 directory:  Charles W. Boteler, west side 5th west, between D & E, north.  John D. Boteller, Guns & Locksmith, north side D north, between 6 & 7, west) 
Brightwell, Mr. (owner of Letty)4
Brook, Milly (colored woman)2
Brown, Betsey (free colored girl)5
Brown, David (free colored boy)5
Buchanan, Charles (colored boy, about 10)2
Butler, Ann (free colored woman)4
Catherine (46, belonging to Mrs. Thomas Hughes)6
Cummins, Mrs. (employer of Elizabeth, white girl, about 17)7
Davis, Nelly (dark mulatto woman)3
Eliza (colored woman belonging to Mr. Webb) 5
Eliza (belonging to Miss Webb)7
Eliza (free colored girl…burned to death at Miss English’s Seminary,
Elizabeth (Dutch girl, about 20)2
Elizabeth (free colored girl)5
Elizabeth (white girl, about 17)7
Elsey (free colored woman)9
Fitzgerald, E. (U.S. Navy…owner two-story brick house on F Street,
corner of 6th)
Fletcher, Cassandra (free colored woman)8
French, Winny (colored woman)3
Grant, Julia Ann (colored girl)  2
Grant, Michael (colored boy, about 10)2
Gray, Jemima (free mulatto)9
Gray, Mima6
Hamilton, Miss (owner of Elizabeth Sims) 3
Harrison, Mrs. (owner of Mary Austin)8
Henson, Winney5
Hobbs, John (colored boy, about 12)4
Hughes, Mrs. Thomas (owner of Catherine, 46)6
Ireland, Archer (free colored boy)3
Jones, Matilda (white girl, aged 19)2
Landsdown, Kitty (free mulatto) 9
Lanham, Lucy (elderly free colored woman)8
Lee, Betty7
Lee, Milly8
Lethe (belonging to Miss E. Moreland)6
Letty (belonging to Mr. Brightwell)4
Martha (free colored woman) 10
Mason, Mary (colored servant)1
Moreland, Miss E. (owner of Lethe)6
Parrott, Mary (colored woman, cross-eyed)1
Rebecca (free colored girl)8
Reeder, Isabella (white girl, about 10)2
Roach, E. N. (owner of Susan)
(from 1843 directory:  Edward N. Roach, register of wills, west side 8th west between G & H north, near G.)
Ross, Alfred (colored boy)9
Sandick, Sarah (colored girl, about 14)   3
Scott, Mary (colored woman)1
Scott, Rachel (colored servant)1
Semmes, Miss (owner of Milly Anderson)10
Sheppard, Mary Ann9
Sims, Elizabeth (colored woman, belonging to Miss Hamilton)3
Sims, Ellen (dowdy colored girl)1
Susan (belonging to E.N.Roach)4
Turner, Mr. (owner of Washington, colored boy, about 12)3
Vincent, Mary Ellen (free colored girl)6
Washington (colored boy, about 12, belonging to Mr. Turner)3
Webb, Miss (owner of Eliza)7
Webb, Mr. (owner of Eliza, colored woman)5

[Finding aid prepared February 2012.]