House of Watha T: Meet Natasha

Shaw (Watha T. Daniel) Library

House of Watha T: Meet Natasha

House of Watha T Street Fashion is an experimental collection of patron street fashion at the Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Neighborhood Library.  It is devoted to photographically documenting the sartorial narratives of patrons who visit the library. Please contact My Nguyen at for more information.

Meet Natasha.

Natasha 2

Natasha is a 16-year-old senior who attends Washington Math and Science Technology Public Charter School. Her edgy, accessories-punctuated style displays the fierce way in which she approaches clothes. Most of her enviably voguish pieces have been procured through thrift stores, which proves that you don’t need to have a lot of bank to look like a million bucks. Read more after the jump.

Favorite subject:

Favorite book:
The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.

Currently reading for school?
Not reading anything for school but for leisure, I’m reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.

Plans after graduation:
College.  Right now it’s a toss up between Syracuse and Emory. I want to major in journalism, with a minor in fashion and public relations.

Dream job?
To be a fashion journalist for Vogue.

Fashion icons/inspirations:
Miley Cyrus. She’s really edgy. She wears cool accessories and high-waisted shorts. She wears a lot of black and cool shirts. And there’s this girl on Her name is Luanna. She’s so grungy and cool.

Where do you mainly shop?
Thrift stores. 85 percent of my closet is from thrift stores. They have really different stuff. I’m kind of edgy, but sometimes I want to look sophisticated, [or] I want to look casual. But [you can find anything] in thrift stores. They have girly stuff, they have designer brands, they have everything you could ever possibly want at thrift stores.

Who introduced you to thrifting?
My mom.

What is the daily look you want to achieve?
I always try to look cool. I wear a lot of black — OK, I’m not wearing black today — but I usually do. There’s always at least one black thing I wear. And I wear shorts year round.

One day, it was 28 degrees, and it was like a blizzard outside, and [my friends and I are] parading down Adams Morgan in shorts. We were like, "We’re never wearing shorts again!", but then the next day [someone asks], "Oh, what you are you wearing?" and I said, "Some shorts." We wear shorts. A lot.

Most recent splurge?
I don’t have a high-paying job and I buy my own clothes because if my mom is paying, she’ll try to pick what I’m going to wear. Recently, I bought a pair of motor boots from Urban Outfitters for $50 and my mom bought my Creepers for about $70. I try to stay on a budget when I shop. That’s one of my biggest rules.

Aspirational shopping goals?
First of all, I want to buy the Jeffrey Campbell Litas with the spikes on the back of them. I’d wear them everywhere. I’d wear them to church, to sleep. They’re six inch heels but they feel like they’re just three inches.

Fashion philosophy?
I’m always wearing at least four rings.  I have to wear earrings or a ring. I accessorize a lot.

I don’t follow trends. I wear completely off-the-wall stuff. I’m not looking to impress anybody except myself. And her — (Natasha then points to her friend, Precious, who will be featured in next week’s installment of House of Watha T) — if she doesn't like it, I'm not going buy it.

I try to stay on a budget. Once, I walked into a thrift store with $50. But that day I walked away with only one thing. It was my Doc Martens that I had been looking for, for a long time. They [retail for] like $160 but I got them for $50. I was in heaven.  But I try to stay on a budget. Everything I buy is cheap, cheap, cheap, so I can buy a lot of items with just a little bit of money, instead of buying one item with that amount.

Hat: Urban Outfitters
Wood ankh earrings: "Bought from a street vendor in Farragut."
Pink button-down shirt: Unique Thrift Store in White Oak, Md.
Eyeliner: NYC in Black
Lipstick: Cover Girl lip stain in Cranberry Crush

Gold sun necklace: Value Village Thrift Store in Hyattsville, Md.
Gray jeans: Forever21
Leopard print purse: Forever 21
Gold Shoes: Ebay


Natasha rings
Rings (from left to right): Chained double band ring from Urban Outfitters; gold S-shaped ring from her mother; gold snake ring from Ebay
Bracelets (from left to right): Coral-colored bracelet, portrait bracelet, black-bead bracelet from Value Village in White Oak, Md.; silver cross bracelet from Salvation Army in Indianapolis, Ind.; black rope bracelet from Urban Outfitters


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-- Story and photography by My Nguyen