Announcing our Winners!

Cleveland Park Library

Announcing our Winners!

Third Annual Cleveland Park Library Haiku Contest

Cherry Blossoms Graphic
The Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library is pleased to announce the winners of our 2012 Haiku Contest. Once again, many wonderful poems were submitted and it was challenging to choose just one favorite in each of our three categories. 

Here is the first, from our children's division:

    The ball hits a bat
    Crack, it flies through the air fast
    Out, mitt catches ball.
                        --Zachary I.

Our winning entry in the teen category anticipates summer:

     Running through summer
     Converse slapping the concrete
     Blue sky full of hope.
                      -- Elizabeth C. 

And finally, the 2012 winner in the adult category:

    Dolphins arcing high
    Waves, green-white under blue sky
    Roll lazily by.
                      -- David Persuitte

Congratulations to the winners, with appreciation to all who participated and many thanks to the Friends of the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library for sponsoring this event!  All of the 2012 entries will be posted in the branch though Tuesday, May 8.

Sharpen your pencils for 2013!