Poetry's Winning Young Voices

Palisades Library

Poetry's Winning Young Voices

Palisades Neighborhood Library is proud to announce the winners to our annual Poetry Contest. There were quite a few inspiring poems this year, some with calming moods, some that were witty and others had wonderful prose.

And now, without further ado, the winners:

In the 6-9 age group, our first-place winner was Anu Desai with her poem, "The Crescent Moon."
Anu reads her poem

The crescent moon
is an ivory cup
on a table of sky
waiting to be

Madeline reads her poem
An Honorable Mention goes to Madelene Voth for "The Beach."

Gentle breeze moves through
my hair so softly. My eyes
feast on the sunset.

I smell the aroma
of the salty water.
My ears vibrate to

the sound of the seagulls
calling "caw, caw". I feel the
soft sand flow like a

waterfall crashing
on the ground. I can already
taste the sandwich waiting for
me inside.

Another Honorable Mention goes to Tamar for her poem, "Tree."
Tamar and her poem
brown tall
bumpy healthy

In the 10-12 age group, our winner was Idris for his poem, "Lost."

Idris reads his poemCannot be found
Where is it?
Trying to find
Ripped away
My best friend
A chunk missing from my heart
Found it!
My teddy bear.