Discover Gyotaku, the Art of Japanese Fish Printing

Northeast Library

Discover Gyotaku, the Art of Japanese Fish Printing

Picture showed a stylized goldfish with a circle of light around it.In conjunction with the exhibit Samurai: The Warrior Transformedat the National Geographic Museum through Sept. 3, the Northeast Neighborhood Library is hosting the program Gyotaku: Japanese Fish Printing.

Gyotaku is the traditional form of Japanese fish printmaking; gyo means “fish” and taku means “rubbing” in Japanese.

Join us in learning about Gyotaku and other types of traditional Japanese printmaking, including block printing. Gain an understanding of this Japanese art form while creating your own fish and block prints. By mastering pursuits such as printmaking, a samurai cultivated his spirit and mind, thereby becoming a greater warrior.

This program will take place in the main children's room at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, May 9.  It is designed for children 8 and older. Younger children may participate with help from an adult.