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Miss Jess's Reading Pick

Fake Mustache by Tom Angleberger

Cover of Fake MustacheTom Angleberger is well known for his celebrated Strange Case of Origami Yoda and its subsequent sequels. But lately, Angleberger came out with a book that cracked me up just as much as the adventures of Dwight and his wise Origami Yoda.

Fake Mustache is a cautionary tale about the inherent power in a good quality fake mustache.  Lenny Flem Jr. learns how much a power is stuffed into these little bristles when his best friend Caspar purchases a fake mustache at Sven's Fair Price Store. And it’s not just any fake mustache; it’s the Heidelberg Handlebar #7. A mustache rumored to be crafted from a mysterious donor’s luxurious mustache.

Chaos ensues as Caspar, disguised as a man about town and armed with his fake mustache, proceeds to run for mayor and then president, getting closer and closer to world domination. The entire city seems to be falling under the sway of the Heidelburg Handlebar #7. Is Lenny the only one who can see through his disguise?

I loved this book for the gut-busting hilarity contained in its pages. High-speed chases on a Segway? A yodeling former television star? An extremely well designed sticky hand? This book has it all.

Readers who enjoy the death defying antics of N.E.R.D.S by Michael Buckley or the quirky series of events in the Lemony Snicket books would do well to take a glance at Fake Mustache.

Just be careful: Nothing is as powerful as a good fake mustache; except maybe a good full-bellied yodel.