Tell Us What You're Reading!

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Tell Us What You're Reading!

As librarians, we are accustomed to hearing that crucial question: "What should I read next?"

To prepare, we do our best to keep up with bestsellers and have a mini arsenal of suggestions stashed in our pocket at all times.  However, it is always a wonderful surprise when you share your great book suggestions.
Cover Art for "Cane River" About two weeks ago, I was discussing the merits of Kathryn Stockett's The Help and how it compared to the film adaptation.  When I expressed that I found the book a little underwhelming, a woman readily suggested that I check out Lalita Tademy's book, Cane River.

Born from a labor of love as Tademy began to research her own family history, the novel is a wonderful work of fiction interlaced with the personal facts she discovered in her quest.

Beginning in the pre-Civil War era, Cane River follows the lives of one slave family as they strive to carve a life from the farmlands tucked away in Louisiana's river landscape.  As told by the family's matriarchs, Tademy allows you to see through the eyes of three generations of strong women as they fight to keep their family together through the trials of slavery, during the Civil War and in the aftermath of emancipation.  At times lighthearted, and others heartbreaking, this book is consistently powerful and a beautiful testament to the difficult road Tademy's ancestors had to travel on their way to freedom.

While I cannot remember the woman's name who suggested this book to me, I am extremely grateful she chose to share and I look forward to hearing from more of you as to what I should read next!
-- Brooke Hadder