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"Viking Warrior"

If you are looking for more historical fiction to read, I recommend Viking Warrior, the first book in The Strongbow Saga series by Judson Roberts.

Halfdan was born the son of a Viking chieftain and an Irish princess, but has lived all his life as a slave.  When his father Hrorik, near death, returns from an ill-fated raiding voyage, his mother Dedriu bargains for Halfdan's freedom and right to be trained as a Viking warrior - at the cost of her own life.

Now a free man, Halfdan trains under his half-brother Harald, and the two brothers form a bond of respect for each other's abilities. But when the berserker Toke, Hrorik's son by marriage, returns to the estate claiming an inheritance, a cycle of death and violence begins. Halfdan, an ill-tried youth, vows to kill Toke and his entire crew, no matter the consequences.  

Pick up Viking Warrior and book 2 of The Strongbow Saga, Dragons on the Sea, at your local DC Public Library.  You can also find book 3, The Road to Vengeance, at your local bookstore.