High Tea in the Library

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High Tea in the Library

Celebrating Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee

The Official Diamond Jubilee LogoWatching all the royal doings in London, some of the Popular Library staff thought it would be a good idea to honor the Great Lady with a high tea of our own.  And why not?  Elizabeth II inherited the throne from her father, the much beloved George VI, as a young woman, but knew she was destined for greatness from a very young age.  She has since held her throne through the terms of 12 British prime ministers, 12 U.S. presidents and six popes.  Certainly worthy of a crumpet or two!

(One notorious French queen, Marie Antoinette, was not so fortunate.)

More about Elizabeth's fascinating life can be found in the pages of Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch, Sally BedellElizabeth the Queen's book cover Smith's well-received biography.

Speaking of Highnesses, another popular biography centered on the unusual life of a local woman is King Peggy, the true story of an unassuming secretary who found herself appointed king of a village in Ghana.  Now who couldn't use a sceptre around the house?

The closest thing we have in the States are our First Ladies, and some of them are very regal.  Here are some customer favorites about our own royalty:
Eating Royally cookbook coverMarie Antoinette DVD coverKing Peggy book coverAll The Presidents' Wives DVD coverWhat Jackie Taught Us book coverMichelle: A Biography book cover

Come visit us in the Popular Library to see our collection of fiction, films, and music and we'll help you with your own personal jubilee celebration.