Clueless about good mysteries? Try this.

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Clueless about good mysteries? Try this.

Dumb Witness by Agatha ChristieLibrary display of Agatha Christie mysteriesLast fall, I was looking for an Agatha Christie mystery to check out. You can imagine my pleasure with the arrival of a whole set of newly reissued Agatha Christie mysteries -- including Dumb Witness, one of my favorites! 

Agatha Christie is indeed the Queen of Mystery. She has surprise twists in her plots, and so many times the person "who done it" is the one you’d least suspect. (Unless, that is, like detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, you notice things that other people overlook or think of things that other people don't.)

That fall day, I checked out Agatha's Hallowe'en Party, since it was so close to Halloween. 

So I hope that if you like great mysteries, you’ll check out an Agatha Christie novel at your library. You will be happy to know that many titles are also available for download as audiobooks or e-books from our website.
-- Felicia Williams, Circulation Technician