Adventure to Wildwood

Mt. Pleasant Library

Adventure to Wildwood

A Trip Through I.W., the Perfect Summer Escape

"Wildwood" cover artWhen Prue McKeel's parents enlist her as babysitter to her little brother, Mac, one rainy afternoon, she is convinced things will be business as usual.  However, her life definitely takes a turn for the strange when she bears witness to Mac's kidnapping from a local park --- by a flock of crows!

Accompanied by her classmate, Curtis, Prue decides to retrieve her brother at all costs and together they go an epic adventure through the Impassable Wilderness; the point of no return marked on all maps simply as I.W. They come to learn that the Impassable Wilderness is actually a divided nation on the verge of a revolution. With Mac at the center of the struggle, Prue and Curtis must quickly decipher friend from foe before it's too late.

Written by Colin Meloy, lead singer of the Decemberists, Wildwood is a fantastic adventure for all ages.  With magical creatures to please the young and young at heart, and enough stimulating vocabulary to appeal to adults, Wildwood is the perfect summer treat.

-- Brooke Hadder