Broaching Tough Topics with Children

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Broaching Tough Topics with Children

Use Books to Initiate, Illustrate and Inform your Discussions

tuff topixAll children deserve to be happy, healthy, secure and care-free as they live and learn.

However, as life would have it, issues and challenges inevitably come our way and despite our best protective efforts, children are not immune to experiencing them as well. Sometimes it may seem difficult to broach these subjects with young children and inform them in positive, honest and realistic manner. But good fiction and non-fiction books, when read with your children, can help you and your child grapple with tough topics such as adoption, autism, bullying, death and divorce.

Rest assured that the Petworth Children’s library staff is ready to assist you in choosing appropriate titles for the situation at hand. Below are some works that tackle some of life’s tough topics, listed with their authors and suggested grade reading levels.

You are welcome to select the title links of your choice in order to place the books on hold at your neighborhood library branch.
Brain and Behavioral Disorders
Sometimes My Mommy Gets AngryI Can’t Stop! A Story About Tourette Syndrome (1st - 4th) Holly Niner
Sometimes My Mommy Gets Angry  (K-2nd ) Bebe Moore Campbell
How to Talk to an Autistic Kid  (2nd-5th) Daniel Stefanski
Attention Girls! A Guide to Learn All About Your AD/HD (4th -7th) Patricia O. Quinn, MD
Mockingbird (5th -7th) Katheryn Esrkine
Rules  (6th – 8th) Cynthia Lord

Adoption/Foster Care
Our Gracie AuntWe Belong Together: A Book About Adoption and Families  (Pre-K – K)  Todd Parr
I’m Adopted! (Pre-K -2nd) Shelley Rotner
The Best Family In the World  (K-3rd) Susana Lopez
Did My First Mother Love Me?  (K-3rd) Kathryn Ann Miller
Our Gracie Aunt (K- 3rdgrade) Jacqueline Woodson
Just Add One Chinese Sister (K – 3rd) Patricia McMahon
Heaven (4th - 6th) Angela Johnson
Pictures of Hollis Woods (5th-7th) Patricia Reilly Giff

Divorce/Blended Families
Two HomesTwo Homes (Pre-K – 1st) Claire Masurel
Fred Stays with Me (Pre-K – 1st) Nancy Coffelt
When My Parents Forgot How To Be Friends  (Pre-K-3rd) Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
Tia Lola Stories  (4th – 6th) Julia Alvarez
Hatchet (6th-8th+) Gary Paulsen

Child Protection 
Call me HopeI Can Play It Safe (Pre-K-2nd) Alison Feigh
Staying Safe By Saying No  (K-2nd) Cynthia MacGregor
Call Me Hope (4th-7th) Gretchen Olson
The Trouble With Half a Moon (5th- 8th+) Danette Vigilante
Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies (5th- 8th+) Jay McGraw

Serious Illness/Mortality
The Purple BalloonThe Purple Balloon (Pre-K- 1st) Christopher Raschka
The Day Tiger Rose Said Goodbye  (K-3rd) Jane Yolen
Where’s Grandpa? (K-2nd) T.A. Barron
Where Do People Go When They Die?  (K- 2nd) Mindy Avra Portnoy
The Goodbye Cancer Garden (1st-3rd) Janna Matthies
Hair For Mama  (1st-3rd) Kelly Tinkham
Bridge to Terabithia (5th -8th+) Katherine Paterson
Defiance (6th- 8th+) Valerie Hobbs