Children's Book Club: 'Owls in the Family'

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Children's Book Club: 'Owls in the Family'

Book CoverHave you ever seen the picture book Owl Babies by Martin Waddell? 

Have you ever wondered why Sarah, Percy and Bill are all different sizes in the same nest with the mother owl?  There is a wonderful explanation for this in Farley Mowat's book Owls in the Family.  Horned owls lay eggs several days apart and the eggs are hatched several days apart.

Owls in the Family is an adventure story published fifty years ago.  Billy, the one who tells the story, has gophers, white rats, garter snakes, pigeons and a dog already in his animal collection.  He happens upon an owl who has survived a storm when his siblings didn't.  Billy takes the owl home and names it Wol. Later, Wol gets a companion named Weeps.  Wol and Weeps think they are human.

Come join us on in the afternoon on Tuesday, July 3 at 4 p.m. to discuss this wild tale.  This book club is intended for ages 8-12, but all are welcome.