Welcome to the Petworth Library Summer Kids' Cafe!

Petworth Library

Welcome to the Petworth Library Summer Kids' Cafe!

(Daily activities with a free, light lunch for ages 18 and under)

“Music and Murals”beach umbrella
Let kid-friendly pop and world tunes inspire you as you make mural art and munch your lunch. 

“Wii Love Summer”
Get active with Wii Sports (you can also bring your own Wii games to play with others) and recharge with lunch.  

“Crafty Kids Corner”
Food is fuel for your imagination! Use only the materials that we supply for your clever creations. Receive bonus computer time and library giveaways for participating.

“Throwback Thursdays”
After your lunch, get “unplugged” as you play board games, parachute games, draw with sidewalk chalk, jump rope, complete word puzzles and more. 

“Meal and a Matinee”
Enjoy your meal while you watch a family favorite movie.

*The Petworth Library Summer Kids Cafe is a DC Free Summer Meals Program. It is open from 1 to 2:30pm, Monday through Friday from July 2 through August 10. Meals are free and no I.D. is required. Bon Appetit!