Teen Book Review: 'Shiver'

Takoma Park Library

Teen Book Review: 'Shiver'

Book cover image of ShiverLooking for a well-written page turner? Try Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. There's never a boring moment in this book, which has werewolves and was extremely interesting.
Shiver features a supernatural romance between a girl, Grace, and a werewolf, Sam. That’s all they ever were, wolf and girl, until the shocking “death” of high school student Jack. After that, the town of Mercy Falls, Minn., decides to get rid of wolves once and for all. People go shooting in the woods, and when Sam is shot, he crawls his way to Grace’s backyard, where he transforms into a human.

In panic and shock, she rushes him to the hospital. They quickly develop a bond, while Sam exposes the secrets of his wolf world. But as winter creeps up on them , it becomes harder for Sam to maintain his human form, even though he loves Grace, and she loves him.

The plot thickens as a secret is revealed about Jack's true self, and a quest for a werewolf "cure" leads to a twist that will be a surprise to every reader.

I can’t wait to get started on the second book, Linger and see what happens next! The third book in the series is called Forever.
- Marisa, SYEP (Summer Youth Employment Program) employee