Children's Author Marc Nobleman

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Children's Author Marc Nobleman

Come Hear Marc Talk about His Newest Book, "Bill, the Boy Wonder"

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Marc Nobleman, author of more than 70 children's books, will join us on Wednesday, July 25 at 1 p.m. to talk to kids in grades 5 and up about his most recent book, Bill, the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman.

Every Batman story is marked with the words “Batman created by Bob Kane.”

But that isn’t the whole truth.

Boo CoverA struggling writer named Bill Finger was involved from the beginning. Bill helped invent Batman, from concept to costume to character. He dreamed up Batman’s haunting origins and his colorful nemeses. He named Gotham.

But despite his brilliance, Bill worked in obscurity, his name never appearing on a Batman comic. It was only after his death that fans went to bat for Bill, calling for DC to acknowledge him as co-creator of Batman.

Their fight for justice continues to this day.

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