Holidays off the Beaten Path

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Holidays off the Beaten Path

Other countries observe a special banking holiday on the first Monday in August so that their residents get a three-day weekend.  While we do not have a special bank holiday in the United States, there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate during the month of August.  Learn about some of the weird holidays that happen this month by clicking on the links below.

August 1 – Rounds Resounding Day
August 5 – National Underwear Day
August 7 – Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day
August 7 – Professional Speakers Day
August 8 – Bonza Bottler Day
August 8 – Happiness Happens Day
August 8 – Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day
August 12 – Vinyl Record Day
August 15 – National Relaxation Day
August 18 – Bad Poetry Day
August 18 – International Geocaching Day
August 18 – International Homeless Animals Day
August 18 – Serendipity Day
August 22 – Southern Hemisphere Hoodie-Doo Day
August 24 – William Wilberforce Day
August 25 – Kiss-and-Make-Up Day
August 26 - National Dog Day
August 28 – Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day
August 28 - Crackers Over the Keyboard Day
August 29 - More Herbs, Less Salt Day
August 31 – Love Litigating Lawyers Day

All holiday information is taken from Chase’s Calendar of Events, 2012 Edition.

--by Brandon Digwood