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Ty'Yhona's Top Picks

Image of bookmarksMy name is Ty’Yhona and for my 2012 SYEP Capstone Project I chose the Collection Development track. I chose to do this track because I thought it would be a great experience for me to learn how to merchandise and create different types of displays. My final product were bookmarks I created and a display highlighting my books of choice. 

The books I chose for this project were Kendra by Coe Booth, Begging For Change by Sharon Flake, The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah and Alibi by Terri Woods. I chose these specific books because these are a couple of my favorites. I thought these books would be interesting to my peers and maybe they could grow to like them like as much as I do.

I believe a “good display” should include bright colors, lots of pictures, and have a direct approach to what’s being advertised. That way the display will grab the attention of others - especially teens like me.

Image of Books   Book Display Image
I researched library displays and bookmarks by using Pinterest and Google. Searching those sites helped me get an idea of what a display should look like and how I should advertise my choices of books.

While using Pinterest, I pinned images of displays and bookmarks that I thought were interesting to an "SYEP 2012" idea board. Then, when I was ready, I created the bookmarks by simply using Microsoft Office Publisher 2007, bright colored paper, a cutting board and laminating sheets.

Publisher allowed me to create the bookmarks, add bright colors and attach clip art pictures. 
What I learned about Collection Development from creating my own display was that library staff merchandise things that they think customers might find interesting. They do this in a way that will grab the customer's attention and make them want to check out what they are advertising.

Final Book Display Image

**This post serves as Ty'Yhona "Jane" Turner's SYEP 2012 Capstone Project**