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Children's Book Club

'A Week in the Woods' by Andrew Clements

Week in the woods
Eleven-year-old Mark Chelmsley transfers to rural New Hampshire's Hardy Elementary School with just weeks left of the school year, a temporary stay while his family gets settled.

As Mark slowly makes friends, he starts to look forward to the annual fifth-grade camping trip. But on the trip's first night, Mark gets into trouble and is told he will have to go home. Mark runs away and the science teacher, Mr. Maxwell, goes after him.

Minutes turn into hours and both teacher and student become lost.  How will they survive in the cold mountains? What does each character discover about themselves?

Come join us on Thursday, Sept. 6 at 4 p.m. to discuss A Week in the Woods and enjoy a snack.

The Book Club is intended for children ages 8-11. 

Pick up a copy of this book, read it at home and come share your thoughts and ideas about this survival adventure.  See you there.