Almost Forever

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Almost Forever

A Moving, Quick Read for Adults and Teens

 Cover Art for Almost ForeverFor many American families, the late sixties were a trying time. For years, the United States had been involved in the growing conflict in Vietnam and the fighting showed no signs of abatement. 

This is the world Maria Testa invites us into in her book Almost Forever, which chronicles the lives of a nonmilitary family whose patriarch receives his draft orders during Christmas celebrations, 1967.     Narrated in simple prose, Testa tells their story through the eyes of the youngest family member: a six-year-old girl. The unnamed daughter shows us the daily trials and tribulations of a family torn apart by war, with an honesty that only a child could portray. 

Peppered with concerns and lined with heartwarming truths, this book will usher you through a full spectrum of emotions---and is even the perfect length to read cover to cover in a single metro commute!   Ideal for both adults and teens, this small chapter book will surely make a big impact and is a must-have addition to your summer reading list.
-- Brooke Hadder