eBook Classics: 'Between the Dark and the Daylight'

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eBook Classics: 'Between the Dark and the Daylight'

Cover of 'Between the Dark and the Daylight'A Google search of author Richard Marsh will bring up reviews likening his work to modern horror writers, and some even refer to him as the predecessor of an author like Stephen King.  However, most of the stories in Between the Dark and the Daylight contain more mystery than what could be considered horror.  The stories in this collection range from crime fiction to the occasional psychological thriller.

The decorum in many of the stories is charming, if outdated—remember that they were written around the turn of the 20th century—but it does not distract from the storytelling.  The pacing is fast, and the twists are unexpected, despite the material’s age.  The stories also have the benefit of being the perfect length for a train or bus ride, just long enough to entertain, but not so long that you have to invest too much in them. As with many short story collections, it provides a great introduction to the author without having to spend the time on a full-length novel. 

Classic titles like this one are available for download on the DC Public Library’s electronic catalog.  If you are looking for more classic titles to grace your e-reader, just look for entries in our catalog that are marked “always available,” and choose your borrowing period of 7, 14, or 21 days.

Happy e-reading!