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New Books For Teens

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Take a look at some new books for teen readers. Click on the book covers to read a short summary of the book, place a hold, or see where the books are available.

BookcoverRise of the Elgen
by Michael Vey

In this sequel, Michael and the rest of the Electroclan have escaped from the Elgen Academy and are using all their wits and powers to stay out of trouble and locate Michael's mother in Peru.

Will Michael be able to pass through the jungle with the help of the Amazon tribesmen? Will the Elgen guards overpower him? Michael's got to use every skill he's got to trek through the jungle and make it to the meeting point undetected.

You'll have to read the book to find out if he's able to make it safely home.

by Myra McEntire

A follow-up to Hourglass, Kaleb must figure out why a man from his past who tried to murder his father has reappeared. What does he want?

Kaleb, Michael, and the other Hourglass recruits must use their extraordinary powers to fight back against this mysterious man. In this book, a mix of paranormal, science fiction, and mystery, the Hourglass recruits must find the Infinityglass in order to make everything OK again.

Will they be able to do it?

BookcoverThe Last Princess
by Galaxy Craze

Sixteen-year-old Princess Eliza must escape from Buckingham Palace. Her mother has been killed. Tiny metal stars were the cause.

Determined to kill the man who destroyed her family, Eliza goes undercover. She has nothing to live for but revenge. She must put her life on the line and risk everything so that she does not become the last princess.

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