Bella vs. Buffy

Chevy Chase Library

Bella vs. Buffy

Character Death Match!

A new feature to the Young Adult section is the “Character Death Match” in which patrons vote for their favorite character literary or movie/TV. 

This month the Heroine of the Twilight series Bella and The graphic novel Vampire Slayer Buffy were pitted against each other. 94 people stopped by to register their option, and the Winner is ..

Bella VS Buffy


Buffy won by 5 votes, and was the only one to get comments like
“Buffy, Accept no Substitutes” 
“Buffy! R U Kidding me?”
“Buffy X 100”.

There was even one entry that read "Go Jacob"

Stop by and vote in upcoming rounds which will feature such characters as "Jack Sparrow" "Luke Skywalker" and "Elizabeth Bennett". If you have any suggestions please stop by the Information desk and let us know!