Pop!: Meet Beejay

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Pop!: Meet Beejay

Pop! Street Fashion is an experimental collection of patron street fashion at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library.  It is devoted to photographically documenting the sartorial narratives of patrons who visit the library. Please email My Nguyen for more information.

Meet Beejay.


Beejay's hair — a lovely storm of turquoise and blonde streaks — caught my eye. But then I saw that her necklace matched her hair. Not very many people can boast having turquoise and blonde hair, but having it also match your accessories? That's just awesome. 

A congenial lady who is a model, make up artist, and hairstylist, Beejay is also a mother of one son. This was her first visit to Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library, so I hope being featured in Pop! was a nice way to complement her visit! Read more after the jump.
Who are your fashion inspirations?
Surprisingly, Mary J. Blige. That’s about it. I guess it’s like a soldier rebel. I’ve never really followed anybody else outside of Mary J. She went from tomboy, now she has a more diva style to her. So I just combine the diva, and the ghetto fabulous, and the soldier rebel, and everything together just works for me personally.

Tell me about your hair.
My hairstyle is just something that I created. I usually wear a blonde haircut, but then I noticed that a lot of people were going bald and blonde. I did turquoise [instead].

What do you like about MLK?
This is my first time here. I work in the area, and I had to be somewhere earlier today, so I decided to come by here. I like it. I like the different personalities that come in, as well as being able to look out the windows. [The library] just makes you feel connected with what’s going on in the world and also to the past, due to the books. I like it.

What’s your philosophy in life?
I’m still trying to figure that one out. I guess so far [it’s that] you’ve got to have faith. Everything will be what it’s going to be, so there’s no need to worry. You just have to have faith. If you don’t have faith [in yourself] others won’t have faith in you. Either the glass can be half empty or half full, but [at least] you got up and had the faith to do what you had to do.

What inspires you?
Right now it’s having the courage and the faith to live out my inner dreams and be a person, and be the artist that I really want to be.  And my son.

Everyday I’m getting up, trying to go one step closer to just being who I want to be, and not worry about being accepted. Just being being me — unconditionally, freely — Beejay.

Any last words?
Any dream you have or anything that you feel that you have a strong power or will to do: Do it. Prove them wrong and do it.


Hair: Adore, a semi rinse in black velvet and a turquoise color
Eye shadow:  Elif
Eyeliner: Elif



Necklace: Marshalls
Shirt: “Actually a dress from Forever 21.”
Jacket: Marshalls
Leggings: Cotton Up



-- Story and photography by My Nguyen

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