In Praise of Audio Books for Kids

Chevy Chase Library

In Praise of Audio Books for Kids


Dr. Denise Johnson, assistant professor of reading education, at the College of William and Mary, says of audio books: "It's the mode of presentation, the narrator's use of of inflection, interpretation and effective pacing which engages the reader's senses.  The listener becomes absorbed into the story line.  Does listening to audio books count as reading?  If reading is understanding the content of the story, then audio books succeed.  Understanding the message, thinking critically about content, and making connections is at the heart of what it means to be a reader and why kids learn to love books."

So many wonderful audio books can be borrowed or downloaded from DC Public Library.  A few of the favorites are:

Half Magic by Edward Eager
Trumpets of the Swan by E.B.White
Tale of Desperaux by Kate Di Camillo

cover of half magiccover of trumpet of the swancover of tale of desperaux
Check them out at and start listening today.