Story Time Reads Aug. 20-24

West End Library

Story Time Reads Aug. 20-24

alphabetWe use language to communicate orally through speaking, aurally through hearing and visually through reading, writing and art.  Early literacy takes into account how important it is to teach these skills beginning at birth.  Early literacy is everything a child needs to know about reading and writing before he or she begins to read. 

Early literacy is broken down into six basic skills. 
1. Print Awareness
2. Phonological Awareness
3. Vocabulary
4. Narrative Skills
5. Print Motivation
6. Letter Knowledge

Early Literacy Tip
Teach your child about letters and words. Notice words and letters in the world around you. Read cereal boxes and favorite snacks. Post your child’s name in his or her room. Point out the letters in your child’s name that you see in signs and billboards around town.

Books We Read
The Jazzy AlphabetThe Little Pea
The Jazzy Alphabet
by Sherry Shahan
Little Pea
by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
The Rainbow FishRead and Rise
The Rainbow Fish
by Marcus Pfister
Read and Rise
by Sandra L. Pinkney
Read It, Don't Eat It! 
Read it, Don't Eat It!
by Ian Schoenherr