Philosophy Cafe: Spinoza's Ethics

Shaw (Watha T. Daniel) Library

Philosophy Cafe: Spinoza's Ethics

Monday, Aug. 20, 2012, 6 p.m.

Portrait of SpinozaJoin us in the second conference room for Philosophy Cafe, where ideas in philosophy are discussed in an informal setting. We are a group dedicated to exploring philosophical ideas in classic texts. We use passages as a springboard for free discussion. The tone is light and relaxed.

Our present text is Spinoza's Ethics. It is an early modern attempt at refounding the science of ethics based upon principles of reason. The approach is through geometrical axioms. However, the points themselves are made in a clear prose that tries to explore the principles of human action, emotion and thought without reliance on religious revelation. 

No preregistration is required. You can just come by.

If you haven't read the text, we will recite passages to aid in discussion and you can read the book for the next time. Many in the group believe that philosophy can be fun.