Read the Book Before You See the Movie

Petworth Library

Read the Book Before You See the Movie

Have you been to the Petworth Library in the last few weeks? You might have noticed the new display: "Now Showing" in the lobby.

With autumn quickly approaching, a new movie season is about to start; a movie season filled with movies based on books! If you are anxiously awaiting the movie premiere, come down to the library and check out the book first.

photo of Petworth Library display tableCosmopolis
In theaters:  Aug. 17
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
In theaters:  Sept. 14
Alex Cross
In theaters:  Oct. 19
Anna Karenina
In theaters:  Nov. 16
Breaking Dawn
In theaters:  Nov. 16
Life of Pi
In theaters:  Nov. 21
The Silver Linings Playbook
In theaters:  Nov. 21
Cloud Atlas
In theaters:  Nov. 26
The Hobbit
In theaters:  Dec. 14
Les Miserables
In theaters:  Dec. 14
On the Road
In theaters:  Dec. 21

Interested? Put a hold on any of these books through our online catalog and you can have it sent to and DC Public Library location most convenient for you.