Children's Book Club: 'Swindle'

Chevy Chase Library

Children's Book Club: 'Swindle'

Swindle"At the back of the drawer, a flash of color caught Griffin's eye.  He reached in and pulled out an old faded card.  On one side of the card was a message: Top Dog Bakery Products - For the Sandwich of Champions, on the other side there was a colored drawing of a baseball player shouldering a bat.  Griffin read the name at the bottom of the card: George Herman (Babe) Ruth."

Griffin wants to help his family, who are in need of money. He sells the card to a man named Swindle and later finds out the card is worth $1 million. He was swindled!

Griffin's plan: Steal the card back.

Does Griffin get his card back from the swindler? Read Swindle to find out.  

Come discuss the book at the Children's Book Club meeting on Thursday, Oct. 4 from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.  The Book Club is intended for ages 8-11.

Author, Gordon KormanWatch the video book trailer and hear the author, Gordon Korman, talk about his book.

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