A Teen's Perspective on Movies: Take Two

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A Teen's Perspective on Movies: Take Two

Never Back Down

It’s time for another movie review from our teen critic:

Never Back Down Movie PosterNow, before you read the title of this movie review and think, “This movie is old! Review something new! If I was a critic…“ let me just say that Never Back Down is relevant simply because Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is becoming a very big sport in the U.S. and we all know that when sports get big, big movies follow -- for example, Remember The Titans, Rocky, Coach Carter ,The Blind Side, even Air Bud: World Pup for goodness sake!

So far there have been quite a few attempts at MMA blockbusters, but we still haven’t seen a film that does for this sport what Rocky did for boxing or what Friday Night Lights did for football. We want that mixed martial arts movie that has great writing and lines that we will always remember like, “I don’t hate Balboa. I pity the fool.” and “You’re killing me Smalls.” We are waiting for that mixed martial arts movie that has the great play, pass, goal -- or in this case punch, that leaves us on the tip of our chairs, at the edge of our wits and reaching for the rewind button on our remotes.

Until that movie comes along, you might as well watch this one. Never Back Down goes for the all-too-familiar Karate Kid-style story of boy gets beat and humiliated by bully in front of pretty girl, but finds a great teacher, develops a mutually beneficial relationship and changes the ways of his master while simultaneously learning a killer roundhouse that is eventually introduced to the aforementioned bully's face approach. 

Sure, we’ve seen it all before, but it works in this movie because MMA makes it seem so much more real, so much more raw. All of the acting is surprisingly good, seeing as the cast is made up almost entirely of sex symbols and dreamboats, and the fight scenes are very well choreographed. There’s even a part where you may want to cry.

This is the best MMA movie to date, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen most of them. Besides ladies, you get to see sexy-flexy actor and all around bad boy Cam Gigandet rip his shirt off and do various activities multiple times. So grab some popcorn and check out Never Back Down. It’s better than it could’ve been!
--The Only Critic AKA Donte