DC Reads: Reading Lolita in Tehran

DC Reads: Reading Lolita in Tehran

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Reading Lolita in Tehran


Reading Lolita in Tehran is broken up into four parts, corresponding to the novels that the book group focuses on in each: "Lolita," "Gatsby," "James" (Daisy Miller and Washington Square), and "Austen" (Pride and Prejudice). Each section also focuses on a slightly different time period in Dr. Nafisi's life. 

"Lolita" marks the beginning of Dr. Nafisi's "underground" literature class after her resignation from The University of Tehran.  Dr. Nafisi introduces her students in this section, although their personalities and experiences are more fully detailed in later sections. 

"Gatsby" shows Dr. Nafisi's teaching life at the beginning of the Iranian Revolution. While the author has high hopes for the revolution, her hope dwindles little by little as the narrative progresses. This section also features a very entertaining (and infuriating) recollection of a mock "trial" for The Great Gatsby held in Dr. Nafisi's class.

"James" marks the beginning of the Iran-Iraq War (which lasted from 1980 to 1988) and shows the growing fear among the residents of Iran, as they are in constant danger of missile attack. This section allows Dr. Nafisi to examine the relationship between fear and resistance, while earlier she need only fear the Revolutionary Guard, now she lives in fear of both Iraqi and Iranian forces.

"Austen" shows the period of Dr. Nafisi's life just before she finally leaves Iran for the United States. This section illustrates the difficulty of her decision to leave, and details her students' private apprehensions about staying in Iran or attempting to leave their country.

Through these distinct time periods, Dr. Nafisi shows the reader not only the evolution of her literature class, but the changing cultural and political dimensions of Iran itself. While her students and friends grow bolder in their intellectual pursuits, the circumstances of their lives grow more complicated, as they juggle family, education and livelihood in the Islamic Republic.

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