Reading Lolita in Tehran -- and in Cleveland Park!

Cleveland Park Library

Reading Lolita in Tehran -- and in Cleveland Park!

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The DC Reads selection for 2012 is Reading Lolita in Tehran, the multilayered book by Azar Nafisi that combines the bittersweetness of exile, the conflict of changing culture, and the excitement of intellectual challenge.  

Come to our discussion on Tuesday, Oct. 16 and share your experiences with Lolita, The Great Gatsby, Daisy Miller, and Pride and Prejudice (all available though the library in a variety of formats). Do you remember your reaction when you first read them? Have re-readings changed your perception? 

Let's share literary exploration through our own eyes and those of Nafisi's students, one of whom said, "All the fuss we made over these writers, as if what they said was a matter of life and death to us...." (Reading Lolita in Tehran).

The chat starts at 7 p.m.  Please register at or by calling 202-282-3072.